How do we work?

Preparing for development
Thinking through over website design
Programming stage
The project is ready – run it


The company website can play a significant role in business development, and therefore requires careful analysis and elaboration of all the details. Before starting development, first what is needed is to study the target audience and the client's business to prepare a layout of the future site. We collect all the necessary information and determine what technologies and resources are available. Preparing a plan.


Now planning gives place to work. At this stage, we provide customers with information about the project structure, prototypes, and design layouts. Depending on the complexity and type of project, interactive prototypes can be developed allowing to test the future result at the early stages of project development. The results of planning begin to take a certain form, and clients get an idea of what their future project is going to be.


One of the most important stages is development. After approval of the visual prototype, the programming stage is beginning, which takes place strictly in accordance with the prepared technical specifications. The necessary modules are programmed, layouts are made, and the control system is configured. At the end, we run thorough tests to make sure everything works as it should be.


When everything is ready, we will host the website and provide the client with documentation for its management. But before, we again carefully check the site on the local server to make sure that everything is ready to be transferred to the server, after which we will re-check on the running server. Double check is necessary to avoid crashes on the real server. From this point on, the project can be considered running.


Currently, it is not enough just to develop a high-quality website. It is very important to provide this website with high traffic. There are many ways to achieve this. Advertising on the Internet, whether it is contextual advertising or advertising campaigns in social networks and search engine promotion. The method will depend on many factors, but in any case, we are ready to help the client bring the product to the maximum possible group of users.


User expectations are constantly changing, our client's business is growing and scaling and a market dictates new rules. Therefore, we are ready to help you develop your website, perform regular maintenance and update it according to new project requirements, so that the website never seems useless and outdated to users. As your business grows, requirements are changed and we help you to keep up.

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